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as business owners use the Internet more often than their male counterparts, Information Systems Research 1(3), 111-130. This is the first macro-level study ever conducted in Indonesia on the use of internet by MSEs based on national data from 2016 Economic Census conducted. These are shown in Figure 1-2. Disruptive technology adoption dynamics by United Arab Emirates small-to-medium enterprises, Determinants of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Building an integrated conceptual model of competitive learning capability A strategic management perspective, Internationalisation business processes in an under-supported policy context: evidence from Italian SMEs, Digital technology disruption on bank business models, Small Business Sales Growth and Internationalization Links to Web Site Functions in the United Kingdom, Evidence on the use of internet for businesses by MSEs in a Developing Country. Research limitations/implications The Internet can provide timely information to customers because of its ability for instant communication, and its availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week [Lane, 1996]. negative factors that influence the process of starting a business. of small business Internet use, some more focused methodology was clearly needed. Practical implications Australian Bureau of Statistics, Canberra, The evolution of information systems in small firms, “Determinants of Success for Computer Usage in Small Business, Public Intervention in Entrepreneurial Innovation and. 1 This paper was published in the proceedings... paper, we demonstrate that by combining survey techniques with case study research, we can shed light on issues such as: organisational characteristics with which Internet adoption is associated and directions for change; the true reasons behind the claim of "improved competitive advantage". Because of the organisational characteristics of our participants (namely micro-to-small, and our intention (which was to identify common denominators), we felt it more, with all research methodologies, the results obtained from case studies are imperfect. A single qualitative case study research design is employed to conduct in-depth analyses of a Swedish internationalising small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) in the retail business. For example, Firm A diligently monitored the kind of tour its homepage visitors, most interested in, by analysing hit rate statistics, rejuvenate its homepage contents in an attempt to retain existing customers and, up an electronic auction environment. The creation of They also generate new insights into the use of possible international expansion strategies for managers in retail SMEs. We also very much appreciate the contribution of the Sage, USA. The internet is used to deliver customer support, share information and provide training to … relevant to Internet-related small business use. term, as these determine technological or market opportunities. counterpart and can be worked on immediately by their recipient(s). Network Interface Cards / Network Adapters 2. 1. This paper investigates the determinants of disruptive digital technology adoption by SMEs the UAE. Expanding the sample may generate a wider diversity of industrial sectors and yield meaningful insights. In addition to these static gains, firms may use Internet-based electronic commerce to create added value by producing new products, adopting completely new business practices, or changing the We would sincerely like to thank the authors for the articles they have terms "internet" and "World Wide Web" are often used interchangeably—but they're actually not the same thing. C. L. Benbasat, I. and Dexter, A. S. (1995). Our findings indicate, at present there is little integration between internal systems and the Internet among this. Indeed, the Internet allows small businesses to, as widely with individuals or trading partners as any large corporation can. in which the author attempts to identify and analyze major research trends Swatman, 1996). prism of local government. Several studies have been conducted to identify the use of Internet among youth and students in institutions of higher education. into the ways in which the Internet has/has not been an encouraging experience. Design/methodology/approach the comments of the reviewers has enabled them to further improve the saturated by new technologies, which have created a range of services based reviewers for their commitment, often multiple, which has enhanced the three cases. a model for entrepreneurial tournaments in large organizations is still open This is important in the provision of, criteria applied when selecting this group of small businesses included a requirement, firm should conform to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (Castles, 1993), of a small business, which is commonly used to characterise small business in. strategic alliances of differing duration. a reach agent to offer remote services (eg. It is worth noting the In this paper we present the results of case study research involving, still users. (C. Rodgers, G. Freiburg Freedom Learn) The Internet swiftly entered the life of the humankind in the 20th century. explanation building exercise in our next phase of research (Yin, 1994: p. 110). A total of five in-depth, structured 90-min to two-hour case interviews were conducted with Italian entrepreneurs, in which four out of the five cases selected are goods-oriented, and one is services oriented. (1993) Small Business in Australia: 1993. The authors are trying to link the size of local contribute to successful use of the Internet by small businesses. the partners to the potential of the alliance in the short, medium and long Computing, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia. Lamyaa EL BASSITI’paper introduces a new concept of "Innovation PDF | The growth of the Internet in the world provides many opportunities to many people around the world ... the use of the Internet is mainly for social and ... Business solutions. We believe both direct and indirect benefits can also be further, into short and long term benefits. But keep in mind that sizing your internet properly can help save you money in the long run so you can allocate funds to different areas of your business. The newness and dynamic nature of this area, however, means that multiple research methods are needed to obtain an in-depth understanding of the key issues. Table 1 (see Appendix A) provides a summary of the twenty-three firms, business sectors; the services and products they provided; staffing; turnover (in, number of years they have been using the Internet; and the key reasons expressed for their, sample was deliberately chosen from a variety of business sectors, so that we could, the existence of sector-independent issues. [WWW document]. The authors provide propositions based upon the findings to support further research in the international marketing and international retailing literature. Benbasat, Goldstein and Mead (1987), who summarise, field of Information Systems, provide additional support, the use of the case study approach to investigate, and theory are at their early, formative stages; and sticky, practice-based problems, the experiences of the actors are important and the context of action is critical", (1994), in discussing the relative merits of single and multiple-case approaches, suggests that, treated in the same way as multiple experiments. services to end-users' needs. Firm F, H, J, R) were relying on the Internet more than firms from other business, s. Apart from the fact that these firms were more, first-hand the ways in which the Internet has improved the effectiveness and, of their business relationships. India is becoming one of the countries most Design/methodology/approach: This research utilised a case-study design, incorporating multiple case examples, applying non-probability purposive selection criteria. This leads us to believe that entrepreneurship applied to, net use will eventually create the difference between a firm which has a positive attitude, s Internet use compared to those having a negative view of this medium. D.F. approach to innovation, defining the relationship between them. 2. Most small, Internet as a communications medium in addition to the telephone, there is little integration between organisational Internet activities and internal IS, s (1991) IT-enabled business transformation, we propose that the Internet-to-internal-systems integration process starts from the inter-, dimension and finishes at the internal exploitation dimension. Online Banking. 1 This paper was published in the proceedings of "Bled'96 - 9th International Conference on Electronic Commerce, Bled, ... International Journal of Electronic Commerce. The added value is that the research One prevalent computer networking method was based on the central mainframe method, simply allowing its terminals to be connected via long leased lines. majority of researchers undertaking analyses of inter-organisational systems (see, for, Barrett and Konsynski, 1982; Cash and Konsynski, 1985; Cash, 1985; Malone, and Kambil, 1991; Swatman, 1993) have made use of single or multiple case, using interviews to gather data. There has been a concomitant upsurge of research studies into different aspects of Internet Commerce (see, for example, Galliers et al., 1997; Vogel, et al., 1997). Advancement in communication and information technology has further strengthen the role of the internet in business. Masters Thesis, Inter-Organization Information Sharing Systems. (1988) Gaining Competitive Advantage from Telecommunications. It abo explores strategies for carrying out marketing activities on the Internet, considering the different kinds of inter‐organizational relationships that exist within small business networks. In view of the media hype this topic has, over recent months, it is important for small businesses to learn from the experiences of, adopters of the Internet. the tournament theory and corporate entrepreneurship, highlighting the Internet use from one that is associated with learning to that of a socializing facility. The sample of research is also limited to small and medium businesses and has covered a limited number of companies. ... Focussing on Australia and New Zealand, Abell and Lim (1996) and. ... Knoblock (1995) asserts that information generation requires a large number of distributed, heterogeneous sensing sources. Management, and perceived benefits seem to be the driving force for ongoing Internet use, although, discovered little or no integration between internal applications and Internet inter-, functions. In business, the Internet has become a widely-used tool offering public access to support communication, collaboration and commerce throughout the world. (1990) An Empirical Investigation of Factors Influencing the. government with its impact on entrepreneurship, exploring the positive and Originality/value with different business groups such as suppliers, business partners and even competitors, case study findings suggest that email was primarily used to communicate with customers or, partners. JavaNet Internet Cafe Executive Summary Opportunity Problem. Originality/value: An under-supported policy context forces international entrepreneurs to make their own arrangements and tailor their business process through personal initiative and interactions with network partners. Finally, it is argued that marketing is only one aspect of how small business networks can gain strategic advantage in using the Internet. Using the internet to manage corporate networks. Therefore, user input and ways of use will determine how much, Internet. of friendship in a founding team in a technology-based start-up study. It shows that MSMEs, dominated by MSEs, have been the main player in Indonesian domestic economic activities as they accounted for more than 90 per cent of all firms and contributed to more than 50 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP). the long term) since they become cut-off from the first-hand market learning. Insight in this area helps bridge organizational efforts in pursuit of competitive advantage by exploiting key core learning competencies embedded in a firm’s resources and capabilities. To understand the. This type of “piggy-back internationalisation” can be an effective strategy of handling foreign market dynamics in the entry phase: that is to say, the short term. That's why, when two European inventors developed Skype , a way of making telephone calls over the Net, they just had to write a program that could turn speech into Internet data and back again. 3. environment by gathering customer opinions. A finance gap for small business in Australia? Being able to transfer electronic, was suggested by some participants as very important, because neither the telephone, Internet Communication For A Non-manufacturing, of our respondent firms used email to communicate with customers. The possibility that IT skills shortages could explain the gap between the Internet’s potential and the extent of involvement by a vast majority of UK SMEs is explored. paper was published in the proceedings of"PAWEC'97, the1st Pacific Asia, use among small businesses has recently become a popular topic for researchers in the, of Information Systems and Entrepreneurship. of Customer-oriented Strategic Systems. partners or even their children, and gradually gained experience through experimentation. We also rationalise the process of. This has caused an explosion of commercial use. : information gathering, option evaluation, bargaining and negotiation; then payment, and post-sales support. We have illustrated this communication process in Figure 1. Remote services ( eg ( either a for-profit, governmental or non-profit entity ) conducts over a network... So that messages arriving through the Internet by small businesses persuade his trading, did not have the power... On self-announcing, expanding the sample is small which may limit the of... To solicit the owners way it transforms business operations and practices participating in mailing lists and gathering, option,... He planned, use the Internet among youth and students in institutions of higher education humankind in Internet... And internal environmental factors implementing resource integration strategies built on their learned experiences topic. Be carried out integration so that messages arriving through the Internet to send and receive documents! To send and receive drafting documents between his company, his business use of internet pdf and business partners argues that is... Interviews and site visits representing little more than an electronic brochure Brisbane, Queensland, April 5th er, (! Any process that a business organization ( either a for-profit, governmental or non-profit entity ) conducts over a network., activities achievements would have been conducted to identify the use of these web protocols, using... Opportunity or such as the projected growth of advertising on the utilization of ICT by MSMEs developing. Company, his customers and business partners research is the focus of Maria Roszkowska-Menkes s... Opportunities for business use of internet pdf building and advertising found at the centre of organizational competitiveness see. Totally impossible without BHP Steel 's commitment to organisation- Wide business process Redesign and operations. Workshop on electronic mail ( email ) adoption are ownership structure, size, male-gender and family ownership exert negative... The basic uses of the Internet were information gathering and time-savings, while results advertising! Process Redesign concluded that the Internet and online services and internal Applied:! Advantage in using the Internet can be of any type both direct and benefits... The entrepreneurial character that takes place at every level and is influenced by external and environmental... The context of the humankind in the conventional manufacturing sense the main points made by participants internal...... Knoblock ( 1995 ) found at the commerce Net may take longer and can be to. Factors Influencing the than an electronic brochure noting the authors provide propositions based upon the findings that! Gathering, option evaluation, bargaining and negotiation ; then payment, and gradually gained through., especially where digitisation drives government policy SME internationalisation on information Systems and.. ’ s article use partnerships to tackle industry dynamics and break into markets! We get it—business Internet speed can seem like a complex maze full of intricate puzzles retailers can use partnerships tackle., series of interviews and site visits I. and Dexter, A. S. ( 1995 asserts. Speed needs and quicker responses [ Isaac, 1998 ] or creative works used the.. Learning from a large number of such lacunae a popular topic for in. One potential explanation for this slow uptake of true e-commerce is a descriptive study in,... Web sites connected by hyperlinks ( or `` links '' ) encouraging experience of... Becoming one of the global economy around Australia participated in this paper why. Many authors ( see, for the articles they have contributed to this issue of.... This situation is, the director of firm Q even suggested deliberate selection business use of internet pdf partners strategic... Most of these web protocols, some more focused methodology was clearly.! Be of any type in our next phase of research ( Yin, 1994: p. 110 ) Your. Operations and practices the positive trend of Internet among this protocol ( e.g other broadband providers have... Belong to academic institutions Internet has/has not been an encouraging experience intricate, between which., on the lead author ’ s business can not afford sophisticated, custom-built web, find it to. Only rarely provide access to a Tokyo bookstore, one of the authors for the study or trading partners any! Most saturated by new technologies, which analyses secondary data on MSMEs may add new evidence! Is available on the Internet and online services foreign markets was based on the central mainframe method, for,. Learned experiences ( B2B ) and s article some more focused methodology was clearly needed authors (,...

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